It takes a team to execute an end-to-end prospecting effort.  No one person can perform all the tasks in a quality demand generation program.  Rally Prospecting brings a full team of dedicated specialists who partner with you to get maximum results from your Prospecto program.  Each team member plays an important role.  

Rally Prospecting is more than a software application. We're people too! There are three people on your Rally team: a Rally Account Manager (RAM), a Content Creator, and a Data Processor. You'll get to know each one as you work with us. RAMs captain the team and marshal all resources. Our writers are professional writers who have experience in developing engaging and effective content. Last but not least, there is a lot of data to manage; fast and accurate processing is an important detail in the overall process. Our team is an extension of your team.

Rally Account Managers (RAMs)

Sarah Sarah

Sarah Barker // RAM

Sarah Barker

Sarah's love of helping people has given her opportunities in many customer service roles over the years. She started out serving people in the restaurant business at age 15. Shortly after, she would have been found in the kitchen using her creative side. She served as a customer service representative, in retail, while in college. After college, she worked as a renewals coordinator for a large technology company. It is here, where her path crossed with Mike Cannon's. Sarah has been working for Mike for a total of 14 years. His influence over the years has stretched Sarah and caused her to grow into a better sales and customer service representative.

Outside Interests

Family life, church ministries, school room mom, singing, community choir, alternative healthcare, healthy living.



Jennilyn // RAM


Jennilyn's genuine interest in helping others has provided her with many opportunities in customer service. Her solid work ethic and positive attitude were keys to both her academic and professional success. During her communication studies at North Greenville University, she held three jobs (yes, at the same time!) and graduated with honors. She then relocated to the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area and worked in retail management, where she inspired teams to achieve goals. Now Jennilyn is back in her hometown and is excited to be part of the Rally Prospecting team, where she will help businesses grow through her passion for creative communication.

Outside Interests

Family time, running, reading, crafting, and going for airplane rides with her husband, a private pilot.


Kelly Kelly

Kelly // RAM


Kelly comes from a rich background of customer service and sales/marketing. With a passion for advocating products and solutions that she believes in, Rally Prospecting is a natural fit. Drawing on her experiences as a sales representative for customer centric, B2B companies, she is able to offer first hand insight to Rally's clients. Kelly is excited to contribute to the ongoing efforts of a savvy team with strong business values and a unique approach to sustained growth.

Outside Interests

Food, netflix, exploring, big spins and big wins.


April April

April // RAM


April grew up in Upstate South Carolina, where she helped her mother in the family bakery. She learned at a very early age the importance of a loving family, a good education, working hard for what you have and of course…all things sweet and decadent. Her passion to help others drove her to customer service in the health care industry. Her 15 years of daily hands-on service with many different insurance carriers (the reason she has grey hair) led her to creative solutions to support her client’s needs and goals. She loves spending time with her husband grilling out on the back deck and spoiling her nieces. You might just find she’s exploring countless restaurants, wine tastings and taking in all that Greenville’s beautiful and vibrant city has to offer.

Outside Interests

College and NFL Football, baking, cooking, supporting local animal charity events and rescues.



Rally Account Managers (RAM) manage all aspects of your prospecting activity, including list development, email messaging, marketing automation and portal training. They are just as active in your database as you are, if not more so! They ensure your prospects are receiving relevant, consistent communication from you. They also keep you on task by making sure you are receiving what you need to have productive conversations with new prospects. You'll get to know your RAM well, because they are in regular contact with you and your team. They are all personally invested in your success.

Content Creation

2_bw.jpg 2_color.jpg

Will Rotondi // Content Creator


Will is never more at home than when it comes to writing and communication. Graduating from Clemson University with a degree in English, he utilized his craft of the written word to aid him through an early career in customer service. As a first generation user of Prospecto, Will has guided many clients through the platform, and understands what makes prospects - and our clients - tick. He can tell an interesting, relevant story that leads a prospect on the path to engagement.

Outside Interests

Film, traveling, cooking, reading, fiction writing


Melinda Melinda

Melinda Young // Content Creator

Melinda Young

Melinda Young wrote about business, the environment, healthcare, and other issues for more than 20 years as a daily and monthly print journalist. She finds that researching businesses to write about their solutions and opportunities is a rewarding extension of her journalism and writing career. Melinda earned a B.S. from the University of Toledo.

Outside Interests

Her twins are her chief hobby, with photography a distant second.


Content is king. It's the food that feeds the prospect who is hungry to know more about you, yet who's not ready to step up to the plate for a conversation. A Rally content creator writes relevant and thoughtful articles that will push prospects to your website, where we watch and score their electronic engagement. Good content is opened. Great content is read and acted upon. Our writers work to achieve that trifecta.


Frank Frank

Frank Reis // Network Administrator

Frank Reis

Frank is our tech guru that has been with the company from the beginning. He has a history in computer and server repair, maintenance, upgrading and application installation. As the Network Administrator for Rally he is responsible for keeping the Rally servers healthy, up to date, and bug free. Frank works to provide the best features for Rally based on customer and account management feedback.

Outside Interests

Hiking, camping, traveling.


Processors are important because they keep a human eye on data that needs interpretation. When early stage emails are responded to, it is the Processor who makes sure that the response is properly filed so that the rest of the team has fast access to good data. The Processors also perform customer specific functions pertaining to data like appends and exclusions that are sometimes required. As data entry and changes need to be made – these Processors get the job done fast and accurately.

"It’s a cost-effective way to reach a lot of different people."

Gordon Farr // AR Funding

"It’s much more effective to make the initial contact by email."

Jerry Crane  //  Group Alpha

"We were really pleased with the results we got!"

Laura Turner // Ash City

"They do a good job of gaining people’s attention."

Eric Bauer // Schemmer Associates

"Their technology is good, simple to understand, easy to use."

Bradley Smith // ProActive Technology

"I have been very pleased with the services they offer."

Kristy Crandall // American Bus Sales

"One of the smartest decisions I've made in 20 years of business!"

Stuart Newman // 3Leaf Group