Over time we have developed an exceptional methodology completely driven by our client’s prospecting needs. By efficiently using our Prospecto process and technologies we quickly find our clients the right people and prepare them to engage in meaningful B2B conversations.  Our methodology can be broken down into four simple steps:

1. Find

We start by working with you to find the contacts fitting your target industries, size, geographies and contact types. We can also include any in-house prospect lists your team doesn't have the time to work, and can exclude your current client and hot-prospect list as well.

2. Confirm

Our system finds the best email address for these prospects and sends an initial message to validate the connection and gauge initial response.  This initial email bridge to the prospect sets the stage for the content marketing campaigns and social media connections to follow.  

3. Nurture

We then nurture the active database appropriate to each prospect's engagement level.  This requires a very distinctive writing method that is best described as journalism.  Using your website content and third party sources we craft and send short, relevant email messages to these prospects on a persistent basis. We then track the recipient’s behavior to the messages. 

4. Manage

All the data that accrues to your prospects are available to you through your user portal.  It is here that statuses, notes, contact details, and prospect behavior is stored.  We filter prospects so that the right person can easily perform the appropriate next task for any given prospect.  This includes the writing assignment for the journalist, the follow up assignment for your account manager, and the conversation schedule for you.

"It’s a cost-effective way to reach a lot of different people."

Gordon Farr // AR Funding

"It’s much more effective to make the initial contact by email."

Jerry Crane  //  Group Alpha

"We were really pleased with the results we got!"

Laura Turner // Ash City

"They do a good job of gaining people’s attention."

Eric Bauer // Schemmer Associates

"Their technology is good, simple to understand, easy to use."

Bradley Smith // ProActive Technology

"I have been very pleased with the services they offer."

Kristy Crandall // American Bus Sales

"One of the smartest decisions I've made in 20 years of business!"

Stuart Newman // 3Leaf Group