Unique Technology

Innovation drives growth.  Rally has developed a unique platform with a set of tools that support the entire prospecting process. Our tools present a simple and elegant front-facing solution with all of the complexity of prospecting moved to the background. Take an up-close look at the unique tools involved in our Prospecto platform:

User Portal

The User Portal provides easy access to all your prospect data. The simple design allows you to find, review and edit all your prospect records.  If you want, you can even use the built-in contact manager.  The Portal is password protected and web-accessible.  The User Portal is your window into all the work that Rally will be doing on your behalf.  It's the only tool you will have to operate - we'll do the rest.   


Access to large pools of potential prospects fills a gap that most sales teams encounter - a steady supply of targeted prospects.  The Database is indexed by geography, industry, size and contact roles and other criteria to ensure that we are working with the right prospects. Our proprietary email find and verification system allows us to make an initial email connection with the prospect.  This proprietary on-boarding process sets the stage for email, website, and social media nurturing activities.


Once you have started a Rally Prospecting program, we keep tabs on your targets by tracking their responses with some highly specialized marketing automation tools. We monitor their engagement level with email campaigns and with your website.  Our intensive tracking procedure organizes your prospects into statuses based on their actual engagement with your content.  Uninterested prospects are filtered out of your database as interested ones are promoted.  


Prospecto automatically assigns a numeric value to each prospect based on engagement. This scoring system gives value to certain actions like opening emails and visiting web pages.  It provides objective quantitative measurement which helps your Rally account team prioritize their follow-up activities.  When the prospect is ready, we assigned it to you so that you can carry on with meaningful conversation.   

Social Media

Social media has become a crucial part of the modern world, and in the B2B world LinkedIn is the current standard. Throughout the Prospecto process we will utilize your LinkedIn account when necessary to send messages with interested targets. We have found that using LinkedIn to make a "digital handshake" with your prospect on your behalf has been incredibly helpful when nurturing prospects towards meaningful B2B conversations. 

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"It’s a cost-effective way to reach a lot of different people."

Gordon Farr // AR Funding

"It’s much more effective to make the initial contact by email."

Jerry Crane  //  Group Alpha

"We were really pleased with the results we got!"

Laura Turner // Ash City

"They do a good job of gaining people’s attention."

Eric Bauer // Schemmer Associates

"Their technology is good, simple to understand, easy to use."

Bradley Smith // ProActive Technology

"I have been very pleased with the services they offer."

Kristy Crandall // American Bus Sales

"One of the smartest decisions I've made in 20 years of business!"

Stuart Newman // 3Leaf Group