Competitive Advantage

You are not unique. If you were, you wouldn’t be looking for a company to help you find new customers. And frankly, there are probably hundreds of companies that do what we do, too. What makes us different is our hands-on approach to the electronic methodology we use to bring new prospects into conversation with you. Simply put, we utilize email to help you talk to your prospects.

Prospecting is avoided by most sales teams because it can be an exhausting process filled with dead ends and dreaded cold calling. With Prospecto, the prospecting process is just that – a process fueled by an account team and run by a software platform that has customizable options and superior tracking tools that ensure we generate meaningful B2B conversations for our clients.

With Rally Prospecting you will not exhaust your high value and highly paid resources making cold calls. We spend the time and energy prospecting for you so you can focus on other aspects of your business such as nurturing your contacts and closing the sales.

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What our clients say

One of the smartest decisions I've made in 20 years of business!
Stuart Newman
3Leaf Group
It’s a cost-effective way to reach a lot of different people.
Gordon Farr
AR Funding