End-to-End Services

While innovative technology is vital to our Prospecto system, we understand that creative and diligent human work are essential to successful prospecting. Our talented team performs the detailed tasks from end to end.  These services include list development, content creation, campaign execution, and early stage follow-up.  Each member of our team has an indispensable role in the process.  Below you can learn more about their roles.

Rally Account Manager

Rally Account Managers (RAM) are the main point of contact of all our clients, as they oversee program execution. As such, the RAM must keep track of all campaign details and communicate regularly about the progress and results. The RAM orients the client to their portal and gives pertinent sales advice. That may sound like a lot of details, but that’s because it is. The RAM is the person at Rally that our clients depend upon to execute the program design – and ultimately, the RAM and Client form an important working relationship. The RAM has to be an excellent project manager and communicator because they are quarterbacking the entire Rally team effort.

Please meet the Rally Account Managers you could work with at Rally Prospecting.

Prospecting Support

Prospecting Support (PS) are early stage follow-up tasks that we perform on behalf of our client. Protocols are determined by the client and Account Manager. Usually this involves early stage email follow-up and social media links. In order to be effective, PS includes conducting research that is useful in making meaningful connections that lead to actual conversations. PS helps converts engaged prospects into actual conversations.

Content Creator

Content Creators are key to the Prospecto process. They write the articles that comprise the content marketing approach, which is the heart of Prospecto. To do this well, the writer must understand how to report facts and engage readers. This requires training and experience to do well. It’s not easy to communicate something of interest that will entice prospects to engage within the confines of what we call an “email snack” – but that’s what they do every day in their role.

Learn more about the Content Creators on the Rally Prospecting team.


Processors are important because they keep a human eye on data that needs interpretation. When early stage emails are responded to, it is the Processor that makes sure that the response is properly filed so that the rest of the team has fast access to good data. The Processors also perform customer specific functions pertaining to data like appends and exclusions that are sometimes required. As data entry and changes need to be made – these Processors get the job done fast and accurately.

Meet the processors working on the Rally Prospecting team.

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One of the smartest decisions I've made in 20 years of business!
Stuart Newman
3Leaf Group
It’s a cost-effective way to reach a lot of different people.
Gordon Farr
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